We’ve now closed the submissions. What happens now?

100 Million what?

We’re in the business of storytelling. A good story told to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, could reach millions upon millions of people. But that’s only half the battle. The key to unlocking success is to be become braver when telling our stories.

We live in a world of constant change. The only way to succeed in this fiercely untamed climate is to stay true to ourselves, our visions and the stories we chose to tell. And it’s our job to encourage you to do that.

We know that all companies possess unique, loving or shocking stories that the world can’t wait to hear. And we know that together we can make wonders. When doing it right, our tools can be the crucial factor for succeeding when reaching out.

This challenge is about all of us. If we want to challenge our customers in becoming braver when telling their stories, we must also challenge ourselves. We want to give away a campaign with the ultimate goal of reaching 100 million people, all through the tools of Mynewsdesk.

This might sound crazy. And sure, in a way it is. But what better way is there than to make an example of what we believe in? If you are as passionate about your business as we are, apply for your company’s participation and join our challenge today.

And in case you wonder, it’s completely free of charge.

“I think PR gives individuals and organisations the chance to show the world who they actually are and what they actually do.”

Jonathan Bean

Chief Marketing & Growth Officer,
Sofia Juhlin

Head of Global Marketing

Julia Söderström

Customer Success Agent

Filip Aglöv

Account Manager

Paulina Rinne

Product Marketing

Hanna Åstrand

Product Manager

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Our team will report daily throughout the entire project. In our newsroom you’ll be able to explore even more content.

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Closed submission, already?

The submissions for the 100 Million Reach Challenge are now closed. Our next step is to go through the applicants and find the chosen one. If you feel like you’ve missed the chance, don’t worry! You can always sign up for a free demo.